In Press Power storage is it possible to see old news or transcriptions already submitted?
Press Power offers unlimited storage.

Can different filters be used at the same time?
Yes, it is possible to use diferente filters at the same time.

Is there a limit for logins within the client account?
It is possible to create as many logins as necessary.

Is it possible to subscribe transcription, without subscribing the clipping service?
Yes, it is possible to subcrive only the transcription service.

Is it possible to know the cost for a transcription before submiting the request?
Yes, it is possible to know the cost before submitting the request. Upon uploading the file in our webpage, you will be able to see the cost before submiting the request.

Is it possible to export clipping content?
Press Power pays all copyrights, therefore you can export you clipping contente from your account.

Is there a file size limit upon submiting a transcription request?
The website will allow you to upload file with a maximum 50 Mb. In case you need to send a bigger file, please send us an e-mail to direcao@presspower.pt

It is possible to add other media sources, from other countries or in another language to our account?
Yes, it is possible. Please send us a request to direcao@pressposer.pt

It is possible to add other themes/subjects to my clipping subscription?
Yes, it is! All our subscriptions are tailor made and we can add themes/subjects as per your request. We will add the extra cost to your subscription total.

How do you calculate the cost for the Transcription service ?
We calculate the cost per each 5 minutes of áudio.

How do I know that my transcription is done?
We will send you an e-mail requesting payment when the transcription is done. After payment, we will send you the transcription.

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