Press Power aims to be a reliable competitor in the digital information area by providing innovative and high quality information content. Clipping is the activity of monitoring the output of the print, online and broadcast media and we provide tailor-made solutions to everyone who is looking for precise and accurate information. The Press Power Transcription system relies on the advanced signal processing techniques, acoustic preprocessing techniques and continuous speech recognition with wide vocabularies. We provide a fast and effective service that will certainly facilitate and meet the needs on different areas.
Press Power provides an exclusive and intuitive portal, customized to suit our users' needs. The Clipping and Transcription services are accessible through an internet connection. The Press Power solution ensures the availability, security and scalability required, and can we effectively ensure the needs of our current and future IT customers.

Press Power Clipping service has a completely innovative mechanism, that uses a set of technologies and methods that enable the customization of the entire service in real time, from all media - television, radio, print and online. We have also developed an innovative social networks monitoring system.

We are proud of what we do and of what we have achieved. We incessantly seek for innovation, quality and excellence of our products and services.

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Client Success

Our Clients success comes first, and we proactively contribute to improving their results


We act honestly and transparently, respecting the ethical principles of our activity, paying all the copyright

Transversalidade nos Media

We use cutting-edge technology, and we monitor all media in real time. We provide a unique transcription service. Many years of research and development are the grounds for a differentiated and completely innovative service.

Subscrição flexível

Access Press Power wherever you are and at any time from one Computer, tablet, or smartphone.


We like challenges, taking calculated risks and healthy and honest competition. We continually question the status quo and aim to deepen and consolidate our knowledge. We strive to provide the latest technologies as a way to create value for our customers.

The Press Power transcription solution uses vanguard tools that allow us delivering the transcription document in various formats (Word, XML, Subtitles, etc.) in a very short time. It is a simple and credible process. Upon submission, you can immediately check the delivery time, choose the required format and be informed of its cost. You can fully enjoy the power of mobility by submitting and accessing the service from anywhere. Transcrições PT – PT | EN – EN | ES – ES | FR – FR | PT (BR) – PT (BR)
Yes, it is possible to use diferente filters at the same time.
It is possible to create as many logins as necessary.


A news service focused on your objective needs and interests. Independent audio recording capability and transcription request submission. Press Power customers get full mobility for their news archive, filters and information cross-over, keeping the quality and excellence that characterizes us Enjoy a completely innovative, simple and effective APP
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